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smokey honey

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I harvested a frame of honey last week (se related thread link). this was my first harvest and the honey was smokey in flavor. i do use smoke and i did go a little over board with it and i am wondering how quickly smoke will be absorbed into the honey?

today i went and pulled a second frame from the same hive, i used a lot less smoke, and it does not have the smoke flavor. I just wanted to make sure the whole super was not smokey.

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Yes. I once extracted a couple boxes for a friend who removed the bees by smoking. The cappings and honey had a strong smoke smell.

After reading your other thread about smoking the first frame you pulled the rest is probably ok. Had you tipped the box up and smoked heavy between the combs it may not be. Flavor, taste, smell, etc would be best indicators.

I would feed it back to them if they will take it.
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