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Can someone tell me how to clean the inside of my smoker? It is getting a lot of coresote in it and the opening is getting smaller and smaller
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Scrape it out with a flathead screw driver. Keep the tube that directs the air from the bellow into the smoker bottom cleaned out to.
I use a flat head screw driver for the upper body like slave says. I use a shot gun barrel brush for my intake and exhaust holes.
Very simple and quick in vest in a bernz-o-matic torch burn the creasote till it glows cherry let cool falls right off. I just do my smoker once a year.
I agree and do as honeydreams, burn it off. I also use the berz-o-matic for lighting mine too.
I put a hand full of pine straw in and light it, then puff until the whole thing is on fire/ glowing red. When the fire burns out I tap it with my hive tool. You can also buy a 4" wire wheel for a drill and stick it down in, the wire wheel also works good for cleaning the wax off the bellows and polishing your hive tool.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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