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Small Queens

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So I caught two swarms that never started laying and I couldn't find the queen in either of the swarms. I waited two weeks, still nothing. So I combined the two swarms and gave them two frames of eggs larva and capped brood mixed. After 14 days I had queen cells on both frames, so I split this swarm back into two. Both my hives now have a queen that is 4 or 5 days old. Right now both queens are only slightly larger than a worker bee. Will they plump up or are they just small queens? Are small queens a bad thing? What would you do in my situation?

Dan Williams
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How long since the queens have hatched and mated? After mating it seems to take a couple of weeks to get to full size even though they may start laying before that.

If your queens are only 4 or 5 dsys old then they are most likely still virgins. In which case they may only be slightly larger than a worker. It takes them a few days to mature prior to their mating flight. After mating, their abdomen will gradually enlarge as the ovaries mature. Look again in two weeks and they will appear much larger.

My queens are laying and have plumped up nice. They look like the rest of the queens that I have.
One of the best laying queens I ever saw was a small queen not much bigger than a worker but the best queen I have now is as big as a Japanese Hornet and about the same color. I have raised 20 queens from her this year but not a one is as big as she is.
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