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The Almond and some of the other trees are starting to bloom. So I checked my hives today to see how they are doing. My old hive is doing great and still has a lot of stores. The spit I made last year has a very small amount of bee's. I would say less than 500. Thay have some stores but not much. I would say less than two large frames. I have them in a regular 10 frame hive. I did not see any brood but the queen looked good. It doesn't look like this hive could keep brood warm.

Should I move them to a Nuc and add a few bee's from my strong hive or just combine the hives? I realy like to keep the queen. She is a 2006 queen and raises some great offspring so I would like to keep her for a while.

I did not break open the brood chamber of my strong hive to see if they have brood yet. If I go to a Nuc I though I would put some brood and a frame of stores from the strong hive to give the Nuc a better chance.

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