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Small grafting house/shack

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Does anyone have plans or at least some reference material for something like this

I know I have seen details on a modernized one (solar panel/battery, 12v led lighting, fan etc) somewhere and can't for the life of me find it
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I can't help with plans for a small grafting house/shack like in your link.

But have you thought of using a cargo trailer? I have a 6x12 cargo trailer that I used to use all the time to pull my ATV to deer camp with and then sleep in at the camp, but it hasn't been used in probably 18 years.
Then I saw this in one of Bob Binnie's videos and now I'm seeing new life for my little cargo trailer.


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All good info above. I guess it really depends on what you're wanting to achieve. Keep out of rain? Wind? Keep the cells warm?

I'd say 99% of commercial guys use their truck. Someone even makes a little stand that goes over your steering wheel to hold a frame.

All my breeders are at my house so I use the bathroom with the shower on hot and mist. Keeps a warm and humid environment. My cell acceptance doubled when I went that route, vs doing it in the field.
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