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Well I find it hard to believe that they find the same amount or MORE mites on small cell.
I'm not a commercial keeper but here's my story.
I've only been keeping for 3 years now.
Previously to this year I had only the standard 2 boxes on "standard" cells.
I had about 1/2 of my hives with mites at the end of last season.
I don't treat with any chemicals.
I've incorporated methods discussed on the forum here and I went to small cell this year.
I started checking and rechecking 3 weeks ago and my mite count is 0.
That's correct I have no mites this year.
I find it hard to believe that if the cells on small cell are capped earlier, etc. you have more mites because they are not developed by the time the bee comes out.
I have 2 Russian hives and the remainder are Italians and 2 swarms from this year.
Just the way it's working out for me.
The only problem I have is that being "chemical free" I never have enough honey to sell it seems.
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