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small cell in super but regular bees ordered

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I lost my hives last year to a fluke accident with cows in November. Anyway, they were small cell bees that started on foundationless and did an excellent job of it til their hives were destroyed by cows.

So I had no ability or access to small cell bees and have 3 packages Italian and 2 carniolan/Italian coming that are on regular cell. I also have 8 supers full of good comb and honey still (I did not extract it and kept it for this year's bees), and 4 more supers of good comb, but all natural cell foundationless. My question is, I had hoped to be able to givce this year's bees a good start with the stored honey, pollen and supers full of good comb, but I do not think I can do so without a generation of regression - bees won't fit into the small cell. What can I do to use what I have?
THank you
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