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About small batch harvest...
Most no one does it and so this is what people are missing out.

Looking here at the batch "2020 B12" (my way to keep track of the batches).
Three large peanut butter jars - all it is to it.
They look like some spoiled honey to those not in the know.
But, actually, this is the best 2020 honey in my stock - this is per the people who got a sample of it (and myself too).

All you have to do:
  • remove what looks like foam (actually this "foam" is a hard crust of crystals; unsure how it came about but it is).
  • pour out the middle - that is the honey I am after (it has the very slightest ethanol ting to it - excellent combo; crystalized and yet pour-able)
  • leave along the last inch of so on the bottom (the thickest fraction and it will not pour out).

Get rid of the heads and tales - I mean - eat them too! Fine stuff.
This is how you do the home made moonshine
The same logic!

And here I have it - took several months for this honey to settle this way.
If I were to mix my honey in a single barrel and, God forbid, sell it for few pennies - I would have never known.


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