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Slow start this Spring

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Here in Central Mississippi it has been a bad winter so far. Much colder than normal with lots of rain.

The bees were bringing in pollen in early Jan. but haven't had but a cpl of flying days all of the last month. Supposed to be in upper 50's by end of week, so hopefully can get in some hive and see how things are going.

Was wondering how the rest of the south is doing? How are the package guy's doing?

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Still cold here in Central FL, past 4 nights below 36 degrees. They are bringing a little pollen in. Overall a very very slow buildup at this point. :(
Spring is pretty normal in Connecticut... ;)
translated.....its still winter in new england for a couple more months....
But around here winter means two nights in a row below freezing.


We had some late Winter rains, two days of two inches in the rain gauge in my yard, then one day with one inch. Enough that within two weeks the bees have been bringing in wild mustard and creosote bush, cranking up their brood production and filling combs with pollen. Other wildflowers are continuing to develop and should come-in by April (same time the Mesquite flow begins).

To take advantage of our weather, I am continuing to grow small batches of queen cells and use them to help establish more nucs.
The El Nino winter is tuff on us southerners. That wet cold weather pattern is brutal and it's one after another. Outlook is looking somewhat better....
Broke-T, Same story in North East Georgia. Winter honeysuckle was blooming, bees were bringing in pollen from camellias, the chickweed, dandelion, and henbit were all starting to bloom...then 4 inches of snow and 10 days of temps barely in the 40's..YUCK. Yesterday afternoon temps got to mid 50's and bees were flying, working the chickweed and dandelions. I've got mite control on the hives due to come off on the 27th..hoping for good weather to do full inspections, reverse, pull some old frames. Emotionally I'm ready for spring, practically, there's a lot of hives and nucs to be built yet. I guess the silverlining is the maples and cherries, etc. had not opened only to be zapped dead by snow/ice storm and 20 degree temps.
Buffalolick, Is there a lot of difference in where you are and SE Georgia? I know there are a lot of queen and pkg producers there.

SE Ga is probally 2 or 3 weeks ahead of us, maybe a little more the closer to the coast and the further south you get. I bet their maples are starting to bloom.
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