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slow hive update and questions

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Ok so I got a small swarm a while back and im mad at myself for not keeping a log at this point!! I want to say i got this swarm in late may? Anyways they are on one piece plastic frames in the deep brood box that i have waxed extra and they have been on sugar water since i got them. I also requeened the hive a while back (back to not keeping a log)to make sure the queen would be good and keep laying. They have seemed really slow to me and im guessing one is becasue they started small and the other is becasue they are on plastic and i dont seen anything in bloom right now! Last week I gave them two deep frames of brood from my other hive to boost them. Upon inspection today some of the brood had hatched and there was some spotty other capped brood a few larvae and i didnt see any eggs...doesnt mean they are not there and did spot the queen. Most of the cells i saw looked to be full of nectar/sugar water which lead to to ask where the queen was going to lay? Not all of the frames are fully drawn still but they have started on all of them and most are fully drawn.
Heres what i did. I removed the feeder thinking they can eat some of that nectar and make room for the queen to lay or go fine something in the wild. I also added a medium with wax and wood frames on top of the deep brood box. Im wondering if they havent cramped theirselves up by storing sugar water and making no room for the queen. Im hoping now she will whip them into drawing some way and giving her more room to lay. Advice or comments? Let hear them! These girls better get it together before winter!!!
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