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Hi all. I'm in Western Australia, warm temperate climate. I have hot summers.

I've been looking into slatted racks. Those that have them seem to be satisfied with them, but I can't find any comprehensive studies about them.

I know that the queen will lay closer to the entrance with these racks but I mainly want them for better hive temperature management. Most report that they notice less bearding. But if instead of bees bearding on the outside, they just hang out on the increased space of the rack, out of sight - is there any actual benefit?

My other concern is the increase of nooks and crannies these racks provide for pests such as wax moths to lay eggs.

What are your thoughts? They seem to be very popular overseas, but not here in Australia. In fact, I have to make one as no one stocks them here.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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