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Skunk unloaded....after it licked the electric fence.

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Went to check on a couple of hives this am and was greeted by the stench of skunk....mighty powerful in and around the hives.....

Seems that the skunk unloaded its stink....after it licked the electric fence.

Made me laugh pretty hard to imagine lil' stinky freaking out over licking the fence and blowing its load of stink on nothing in it won't be back any time soon.
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I'm laughing just thinking about it. I was sprayed as a child (12 or so). It DOESN"T come off, tomato juice, lemon juice, peanut butter (dog really liked me though), olive oil, bleach, soap, ... etc. It gave me a ripping head ache for 3 days and I had to sleep outside. I love great horned owls because skunks are one of it's favorite foods. They can't really smell, so the skunks defense is useless against an owl.
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