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Skipping frames?

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I have a hive I with two deeps then a medium (the hive swarmed and then was getting honey bound)all ten frames. I had medium frames from another hive with brood that I added after the first swarm. There's a new laying queen now.
I moved the hive to a new hive stand we built so I broke the whole hive down and gave them a brief inspection while making the move. In the second deep the ladies swelled one frame out on both sides so it bulges so far out that is is up against the other two frames. It's the perfect honey, pollen then brood layout but it's so out of proportion. They haven't put any wax on the two frames next to this monster. I thought maybe it wasn't waxed but there's comb on the other sides, if this makes sense. :rolleyes: Other than awkward looking I'm not troubled by it. I'm just wondering why and how do I prevent them from doing it in the deeps again it's seems like a waste of space they may need for winter.
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Squeeze all your brood frames together centered in the box. Use all 10 frames (or 8 in 8 frame equip). At this point, since you have a problem, try turning that next frame so the drawn out side is against the "fat" one. Is it fat all the way down or just the honey cap? If it's just the honey then take a capping knife to it and "skinny" it up some. :D
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