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size of new queen

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I checked my hives today, I knew I had queen cells and I had made some nucs. I check all the hives and found one I thought was queenless, and it wasn't new eggs and all stages of larva.
I also found a new queen in one of my earlier. I was wondering,,,she is very small, but I know she is a queen, are unmated queens smaller?
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Umm..... yes they are. Tons and tons of the same question is here. Virgins are smaller than newly mated which are smaller than laying. Ball park virgin 15% smaller than laying and newly mated somewhere in between.
I figured as much. I never saw a virgin queen.. I have lots of drones and at least four queen cells ready to emerge around June 9th.
There also fast, they can dart around the frame like crazy. Mated there abdomen swells up a bunch
There also fast, they can dart around the frame like crazy.
Yes they can. That's an easy way for me to find them. Just look for the bee running the diagonal dash across the frame.
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