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I purchased a queen from Singing Cedars Apiary in Orwell, VT last summer. Someone from the forum asked me to give him a review but I cleaned out my inbox recently and inadvertently deleted his message. Whoever it was, please let me know and I will give you updates through the season.
Its too early to judge the queen for productivity but I am happy to report that she made it through a pretty typical cold and windy Vermont winter in an unwrapped hive. It has been too cold to go into the hive yet, but I believe she went through her stores more quickly than my other hives which are Betterbee Mutts. They were up into the top box eating sugar bricks in January and had to replenish frequently. Betterbee hive has barely touched the first brick as of today, 4/9. She has also gone through 2 pollen patties so far, Betterbee hive has barely touched theirs. Mite counts were consistent between both hives through late summer/fall and winter.
Oddly, the Betterbee hive made cleansing flights on March 1st at 35 degrees but Singing Cedar not until late march at 50 degrees. Currently, both have large orientation flights on warm days.
Whoever was thinking of purchasing a Singing Cedars queen, message me and I will keep you posted throughout the season. J
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