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Simple Record Keeping in Hive Tracks

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Keeping records... It’s a big part of beekeeping but it does not have to be a pain. Of course I'm bias but I suggest using Hive Tracks. Its extremely simple with lists and prompts, check boxes and radio buttons that could help clear up the language of beekeeping by putting it all in context. It’s FREE! for any number hives. Just follow the link!
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WOW! That is awesome! More of an application than I need for our one hive... but, I can definitely see it's importance for any beek keeping track of multiple hives! Site is Very user friendly.

Is the site your's, mhenson? Good Job! Wish you luck!
Thanks for kind words. Yes, I am the developer/Founder. Hive Tracks is very new and this is just version 1 so stay tuned, much, much more coming down the pike for Hive Tracks. There is another thread where lots of conversations have taken place. You can take a peek at it to get more info. THANK YOU!!!
Sure do. At my house. Are you going to the EAS (Eastern Apicultural Society) conference next week? Its at the college (ASU). We will be there with a booth.
Thanks again for puting it all togather the only thing I would add is harvest amounts.
When going to create a new hive what is the "Frame Count?" I'm guessing it's how many frames are in the hive right? How long do you think it will bee beefore I can transfer my inspections from Beetight?
Thanks again.

Bee Kid
We are at the EAS conference right now and will get back to development in a few weeks. We have a growing list of feature requests which we will sort by "demand" and then start at the top and work our way down. The beetight import is on the list but I don't yet have a total on the number of folks who have requested it. We will post an e-mail as new features are ready. We'll get to all the features on the list as fast as we can.

Thanks for the work you are doing.

Created an account, and love the program! Just started 2 hives this year, and started out trying to keep a logbook. LOL, didn't last long, i'm a few inspections behind in that! I think this will be much better, less like work, and fun to do compared to writing, ughh....Thanks!
Used HiveTracks again and like it better each time.
Excellent tool "m" i'll surely be trying it.
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