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Sorry- another question about spring swarms here.

I checked out the stronger of my two hives on a warm day last week and there was capped brood in the upper deep and eggs in the lower. So it looks to me like the queen has moved down on her own. I have been planning on waiting until later this month after it warms up some to expand the brood nest. It is still getting below freezing at night- sometimes down in the teens.

I am feeding sugar syrup but no pollen- it looks like the have pollen stores left from last fall and there has been a little pollen coming in but not much that I can see.

Anyway- there seem to be a ton of bees in this hive and lately they have been bearding a little- even into the chilly evening hours. Could this be a sign that they are thinking about swarming? I really want to put a stop to it if I can but am unsure how to proceed with the cold temps etc. I am hoping to have a booming hive with a booming honey crop this year.

Thanks for your insights,
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