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Should I remove or Leave

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When I was in the HB yesterday, there was extra comb between the frames where the queen cage was. Should I remove that or should I just push it back together and leave it? I think I am suppose to remove, but can't remember. :s
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better now than later, when it'll be much worse, and full of bees or honey. cutting it out then makes 'em real defensive.
good luck,mike
Frank and Mike have it exactly right. My brother let the comb stay on the queen cage and they began to store honey in it.

Sooner rather than later is best.
If the queen is out, remove the cage and the extra comb and then gently and slowly push the frames up tight to each other. The spacers on the frames should always be touching each other. Any extra space should be evenly matched between the outside frames and the box itself.
Thanks. I thought I was suppose to remove but wasn't sure. Next visit I will cut out the extra comb. Don't want to make things complicated at the beginning. Thanks again. Dan.:thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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