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Should I remove my brood super?

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A couple weeks ago I added an additional medium super on top of the bottom brood box (also a medium box) as I thought they could use the room. At that time there were still 3-4 empty frames (no drawn foundation). Since adding the additional medium, there are still empty frames in the bottom ... I'm wondering if they're overwhelmed with too much space now.

Am I overthinking this? Should I just leave them well enough alone ... or would it be an option to simply remove the top super I added and combine the frames into the bottom box again (until they really do need it)?

Perhaps one problem I see with doing the combine is that there's a frame of brood in the top super ... moving it back down to the bottom could screw up their brood nest I'm thinking (don't mess with the brood nest I keep hearing!).
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you were too early putting the second box on. now that there is brood in the top box you can either move the drawn frames from the second box down and put the undrawn frames in the upper box, or move the undrawn frames closer to the center of the bottom box. not too close to the center. the problem with all this is i don't know`your low temperatures, and whether there are enough bees to cover the brood when you start moving things around. i would also be feeding syrup if you are trying to get foundation drawn. you could also force them back into one box, that depends on how active they are in the second box. i'd probably just cycle the empties toward the middle as thats the least obtrusive option.
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