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Much of that decision is where you are located, what flows you have, etc.

In my part of NY the first pull is over and the fall flow has begun. I would be careful of leaving them un-supered if a flow is going on. They will harvest nectar and plug up the brood nest. I never want to see my supers 100% capped. It means they have run out of room and they need the extra space to dry out nectar.

In any event I would extract and put them back on, at the very least for them to clean them up. supers off a colony this time year are a moth magnet so at least the ladies can defend and clean them. I pull summer honey before goldenrod and bamboo start blooming. Fall honey here crystalizes in a heartbeat.
What do you do with a brood nest that is packed with capped honey before the fall flow?

I tried adding a super of un-drawn foundation on top of the brood boxes, but one of the hives decided they'd rather swarm than draw out the foundation.

The rest of the hives 2nd brood box is 90% capped honey. In response, I changed the location of the partially undrawn honey super from on top of the 2nd brood box, to in between the capped honey brood box and the brood box with brood.

It's going to be 50F at night for the next several nights, with a high in the low 70s.

the fall flow isn't strong right now. I didn't see any signs of swarming yet, but besides maybe 1 frame, that entire 2nd brood box had capped honey.
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