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Should I harvest?

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The supers on all 4 of my hives are capped. Should I harvest the honey and put them back on? Leave them alone for a while? Harvest the honey and leave them off? Just not sure what the beat thing to do would be.
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You didn't mention how many supers you had on each hive. If you only have one then there's a few things to consider. If you extract the entire super you may end up feeding more sugar water than you had expected. If you only have one honey super per hive then they may have started back filling the brood box, which poses it's own problems. You could do a partial extraction and get a little honey while also giving the queen some room to expand. It would helpful to know 1) How many brood boxes do you have, 2) How many honey supers per colony, 3) Are you using queen excluders?
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