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Should I feed newly installed nuc?

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I installed my first hive on Sunday and so far everything seems to be doing fine as far as I know.
I can see the field bees returning loaded down with pollen.
Should I use my top feeder anyway?
What are the pros/cons of both feeding and not feeding if they are foregoing on their own?
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Pro's - They tend to draw out comb better when fed.

Con's - Will normally take only when not able to get enough on their own nectar.
Will possibly cause robbing from other area hives if using EO.
May clog up the brood nest with syrup causing slower build up.

Honestly speaking, put your hive top feeder on, don't feed much at a time. 16 oz they can pull down in a night. Feed before dark. This gives them time to fill up on it and they can't really store it so they use it to build wax comb with instead. That's how I get my frames pulled out quickly.
Amen..... total agree ... its giving a hand not a hand out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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