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when the sides are open, the queen pupa that was insode was killed usually by the hive queen.
when ther eis a nice clean circle goneatt he very tip of a cell, a queen has emerged.

Empty cells with chewed or sides or tips are nothing to worry about.
Queen cups (unfinished, emapty cells with no egg or larva) are nothing to worry about -- many strains will keeps a few all season long, and never raise a queen in it.

If you see cups with an egg or larva, they've started raising a queen.
Some say if its at the bottom its a swarm cell, and if its on the face of comb it's a supercedure cell, but that is unreliable.

I do not heed the warning of some that queen cells need to be destroyed to prevcent swarming.
If the bees are raising a supercedure queen, there's a reason.
If you tear out the cells, when the old queen they were supreceding fails, you very amy well find the hive hopelessly queenless.

The way to prevent swarems is t manage your hive in such a way as to avoid the conditions that prompt swarming.
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