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Should I be excited for one or worried for the other?

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Hello folks. I just started beeking and checked my hives yesterday. The two packages were installed on the third, so they have been in for about ten days. When I checked my hives the strong hive was starting on inside of the fifth and sixth frames and the weak hive was starting on the inside of the third and fourth frames. I am running deeps on bottom and will be putting a medium above that. They have access to feeders above the inner covers. I did see eggs in both some larvae and no queen cells. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. :)
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sounds ok to me, thats whats nice about having 2 hives rather than 1, you can compare and watch 2 different colonies and how they differ plus have the ability to take from one to help another. I would not be worried at all.
Yes, both sound like they are doing well.

Now it is best to observe their differences, but resist the urge to intervene.
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