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My OB hive is odd. First I will say I only have enough bees to cover both sides of one frame.

The queen started in with a borrowed frame of capped brood. I forced her to abandon her 4-5" circle of capped brood that she had with her cup of bees. I strengthened this hive with enough nurse bees to work the full frame of brood.

The frame has since hatched out. They did OK. Chewed a few pupae out, but it was OK.

In watching, she lays eggs in EVERY available hole she can find. I think she'd move to another frame and start laying if she had the bees to support it. Having said that, the bees seem to be chewing out eggs and larvae. From what I can see, she is laying eggs wall to wall, then the other bees are chewing out 40% of them. One side of the frame has a solid brood pattern with probably 5-10% being chewed out and discarded (I can see varroa on some of these) The opposite side has 40% or better being chewed out and discarded.

Are the bees doing this to get a decent pattern started? They did a very similar thing to the other side before a decent pattern started. I am 99% positive this was a virgin queen 2 weeks before installing into the OB hive. Is this something that is 'normal' for a small struggling amount of bees?
If she was getting weak, I'd see supercedure cells wouldn't I?

Any insight to this would be appreciated.

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