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Shoot, got the queen in the obs hive

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I just pulled a frame of fresh beeswax and honey from the third story of my hive and dropped it in my obs hive for a school presentation tomorrow. I was admiring them when who should walk by but the queen!!

So will the girls back home miss the queen enough that I need to put her back right this minute (even though the sun is setting and it's starting to sprinkle...sigh) or will they forgive me for taking her for 24 hours?

A week ago, I had a dream that I looked in my obs hive and all the bees were dead at the bottom with the queen right there on top. And now she's really in there... weird.
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I wouldn't worry about taking the queen for that long. We have carried an observation hive to craft shows for the past 4 years and always make sure we have the queen to show people. We have had her away from the hive for 2-3 days with no problems. The only time we had problems was taking her for a 5 day period.
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