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Sheet Metal migratory cover?

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I was getting ready to get rid of some old servers at the office and got to thinking about maybe using some of the server covers as migratory covers on 5 frame nucs. Is using a sheet metal only cover going to cause problems? I was thinking maybe a problem with condensation, but these would be summer time use boxes. I could vent from on side with a shim or something to get a little airflow if necessary.
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It would be good as a wrap over plywood or AdvanTec, of course assuming you could work such thick metal.
I tried using some metal salvaged from a microwave, and it worked fine as a cover to keep rain out. But, the metal conducted more heat to the interior of the hive than wood alone or metal-sheathed wood, and I felt I needed to remove them once the hours of daylight increased (early June). I did not try propping them up, though, so maybe your idea will work.

The metal will become mouse guards this fall. I hate to see good materials go to waste!
I hear you Chemguy on waste. The length is about perfect, just need to cut the width and one end would have a 4 inch overhang, but I could trim that. It would be nice having a shear to cut the metal. I haven't decided the easiest way to cut it yet. I have some larger pieces that I could use with migratory covers, but bending it may be too difficult.
I looked at the server covers, I think I can bend them, but I'm sure I would have to angle grind them to cut them. These are big enough for telescopic covers. I have some old dictaphones as well, this is probably 1/8 inch sheet metal, so I know I would have to use an angle grinder for those, they may not be worth the trouble, these were the ones I was thinking about using for nucs.
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