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SHB Traps

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What do you think is the best beetle trap? Why?
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After losing a couple weak hives to SHB I bought an IPK trap from green beehives. It worked so well I now have them on all my hives. I don't give SHB a second thought.
I'm yet to see the first person who has one of these say they don't work.

I believe their secret is the #6 mesh. Some of the others have #8 hardware cloth.

Shipping is pretty pricy if you buy just one. I buy them 5 at a time. The order I placed last week cost me 36.00 each total.
I do not have one but I second Wolfer's choice, the IPK trap from green beehives. I am pretty sure they use #6 hardware cloth, which will capture all but the largest SHB's (vs. #8). I have used the beetle blasters, but the IPK trap is much more effective, and requires much less maintenance.
I got a #6 screen for my Walter T Kelley's IPM screen bottom board a couple of years ago. It seems like it was not on the website but someone from the local bee club said to just call Kelley's and they will sell you one. It was a metal bound replacement for the Kelley's bottom board I already had so it was a quick upgrade.

Cheaper than buying something new if you already have Kelley equipment... but you will have to get the old one out and if it has been in a while the bees will have it sealed around the edges pretty good.
I just use the beetle blasters.
I ordered the Freeman SHB traps for both of my new hives. Lets hope they are everthing there made out to be.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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