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Since we're in peak of shb season I'm wondering if anybody had any revelations regarding battling shb? Any observations to note?

I mentioned in another thread about building a double screen out of two pieces of #6 mesh. I was thinking that if the screens are separated by only 1/4" or so and the squares were offset from each other that the bees might not as readily fall/venture through the screen into an oil tray. The shb should easily fall through the two meshes.

I've also wondered about setting up a "bait" hive for shb. Maybe a little honeycomb, a nice sized blob of Combat roach bait...all in a nicely sealed up bee-proof "nuc". I wonder if the shb would be attracted to it?

I've read about queen juice where beeks will put their pressure tested queens in a jar of alcohol and let it "steep". Later it's used for swarm lures. What about "steeping" hive beetles in alcohol and using it for luring the shb to where you want them?

I'm also still strongly considering using H. Indica nematodes around the hives. ;)

So...anybody got any new thoughts or observations?

121 - 122 of 122 Posts
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