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Hey copper287,

The type of SHB trap that I have for all my Bee hives is the Freeman Beetle Trap. So for I have had good luck with the Freeman Beetle Trap. I only have Three Hives up now. Next year I will add two more Hives. That will be all the Hives that I will work with as a Beekeeping Hobby for me. I wish you good luck with your Bees, Just do not give up on the Ladys, You will have your good days and your bad days with your Ladys, Just take it "One Day At A Time" It will work out for you. Its a lot of Beekeepers on here that will help you out on the forum, What we need is that we all work together for the good of Beekeeping. For me I love to talk with others about Beekeeping. I do not know it all about Beekeeping but I will not give up. I am 66 years old, This all new to me. :lookout:

Take Care:
1 - 3 of 122 Posts
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