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Got my nucleus in a few weeks ago, and the bees have been moving like mad.
I did an inspection today and stumbled across some SHB's that were moving around on the bottom part of a frame...iv read a bit about them and guess they enjoy wet and are generally maintained by the hive, though if they get real bad i need to medicate? opinions on this?

I was also wondering about the nucleus frames i have. They are plastic but the frames i have and want to continue to use are wax foundation...should i try to switch them out? i figure since they are already drawn and everything that its not totally necessary.

Was also reading up on SBB, slatted racks and top entrance's. Here in MA if i have SBB is it best to have a slatted rack to help against drafts? As of now i only have one deep on that is getting drawn now, if i do set it up for a top entrance, should i put it under the inner cover? i have a 2nd hive body on with a feeder in it and the inner cover dividing the two.

so many opinions about things, seems i just need to find what works...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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