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Sharp Shooter Insecticide

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Has anyone used this. From what I read it is called "organic" but it sure kills alot of bugs. Cant find any info on bees. Anyhow the problem I have is Mexican Bean Beatles. There are getting pretty tough on the green beans. Has anyone had any luck killing them with soap or such. Fully developed they look like an off colored lady bug. That what I thought there were,but no such luck. Thanks in advance. Peace Dave
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Is Sharp Shooter insecticide the same as Bill Dookie insecticide?

Sorry. It's an old shovel reference that makes me laugh.
Sorry, I don't have a answer for ya but wanted to say hey anyway. I moved to Kentucky last September from Belews Creek. When I saw you live there I had to respond. I lived in Salem Quarters on Belews Creek Road right across from that little general store. Belews Creek was a really nice place to live but life had other plans for me. Oh Well, I hope you find the answer you are looking for.
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