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Shake out questions

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I did a shake out about 3 weeks ago of my queen-less hive. At the same time I put on a Mite Away II pad (the weather has been well within the temperature reqs). This past weekend, I went into my remaining queen-right hive, and no eggs or larvae, only capped and emerging brood. I think somehow my good queen is dead.

- Should a shakeout kill the queen in a queen-right hive?
- if the shakeout population is large and only one recipient hive?
- if there is a queen in the shakeout?

- The queen-right hive is Russian. Would the queen stop laying in the spring with a sudden in-flux of new bees?

There may have been a chronically virgin queen in my shakeout. I think the shakeout killed my good queen, but I'm not sure how or why. I hoped with a shakeout that would not happen, which is why I went with a shakeout instead of a newspaper combine. I had hoped to strengthen my hive, but instead it looks like I killed it.

Anyway, I am baffled as to what happend. Any ideas appreciated.