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Shake out, and MiteAway II

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Inspected both hives today, one is fine (eggs and brood in all stages, lots of bees, some drone started in the bottom supers, otherwise they are mostly empty), the other was queenless and broodless, as I suspected.

I tore down the queenless hive, and did a shake-out. Hoping to build up the population before my 2 new queens arrive in 3-4 weeks, then I will start two nucs.

Then I removed the entrance reducer on the remaining hive, and put a MiteAwayII pad on. With the MAII, do you need to close off upper entrances as well as open up the full lower entrance? I have a 2" upper entrance. Anyone know?

Anyway, hopefully all is well. I will re-inspect this weekend.
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I think it works on fumes so you need to close up extra entrances and the screened bottom board.
You know, humans suck as proof readers. I read the directions, but COMPLETELY missed the following, quite clearly printed on the side of my MAII bucket:

"Seal all holes in the hive except the bottom hive entrance, which needs to be fully open for the entire duration of treatment. Entrance reducers MUST be removed to prevent excessive damage to the colonies"

Thanks. :)
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