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Thats also why you can have a number of "after swarms" after the main swarm has gone.
Like Kiwi said they may swarm again. If they don't have the "swarmy-ness" satisfied by the primary swarm. I think they will sort it out by themselves.

I have never heard of anyone suggesting that you remove all but one of the virgin queens from the hive, but that's what I did, and it seems to have worked. I left one virgin queen in the hive, the one with perfect wings and all her legs. Now she is fat and sassy and starting to lay:applause:. Now I don't know if that is just dumb luck or if that is what many people do.

Just because it worked once for me does not give removing all but one near perfect virgin queen an endorsement as "good beekeeping" practice; but again, that is what I did.

here is some use full info from Mr. Bush on how many days bee take to do certain tasks. beesmath.htm

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