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Several Cells appear as sugar cones in size

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An inspection of the bb oil trap we're using for shb control looked good and so i ventured further into the hive to peek. Last year we lost one with low numbers to shb...
This hive turned the corner a month ago or so and the numbers are up, and at this point it's comprised of four medium boxes, each of which are bustling with bees...maybe 60 80 % full of bees each.

Okay...before i start on major ramble, let me ask about three very large cells that almost appear as sugar cones in size compared to standard cell size.
Might one suspect that queens are being raised and do i need to post swarm watchers in the vicinity? :).

The cells are open and i think there are larvae in them. There are also burr comb-like areas between these two specific boxes so it seems to be the epicenter of the change mechanism in the hive.

I was not prepared to take much action After seeing those cells as my son and i were both in playclothes basically and we were inquisitively inspecting these new developments...not wanting to go tearing up the place just yet. I can do a bit of that later this week when t'storms are not brewing.
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All kinds of potentials. Sounds like they are getting ready to swarm, do you have some additional drawn comb or frames you can put in? Do you have more hives? You can let them cap the cells and use the queens elsewhere. You could pinch them if your sure your current queen is in good shape. You could do nothing and just watch the events unfold. A bit more info on your setup may help with more suggestions.

Pasadena, Md.
Main swarm window here seems to be 3-6 weeks post cherry bloom so we are approaching that window. If they are in swarm mode now, and it sounds like they might be, then there is not much you can do to change their minds. Need to trick them into thinking they swarmed (remove queen w/ workers in a split and place elsewhere once the queen cells are capped). If it is only one or two cells then they may be superceding, not swarming. Look at the broodnest--is it all capped pupae and no open cells for the queen to lay? If yes, then they will swarm.

Pretty sure the cold winter has solved the hive beetle problem for you for now--at least until all the packages from GA get here with them.
Yes i have boxes with drawn comb and some messed up semi drawn stuff that should work nicely for a starter home. Now about the timing... :digging:

I'll keep an eye on them and post back either way...eventually
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