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Setting out swarm traps.

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I made 5 swarm traps yesterday. Used old bodies and frames from dead outs. Baited with lemongrass oil.

My question is when do I set them out? I am in northern kansas. I checked the swarm dates for last year. No one posted from kansas but some in missouri in mid to late april. Is it too soon to set them out? Thanksguys.
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Hard winter and cold spring here in Kansas, I don't expect to see any swarms this year until early May. Maple, Elm, and Willow Pollen just start coming in this last week. Wouldn't hurt to get your swarms traps out say about mid-April with the dandelion bloom. Scouts will start visiting them weeks ahead of time. Good luck.
Best indicator is, IMO, what your own hives are doing.

If your strong hives aren't getting crowded due to spring brood rearing, then its likely the ferals aren't either. When your bees really get into the swing of making brood, its a safe bet the weather is good enough for the ferals to be doing the same thing.

So, are your hives very active right now? Bringing in lots of pollen with frames covered in eggs/larva/capped brood? If they are, then its time to get your traps out. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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