Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 18:23:19 EST
From: Aaron Morris
Subject: Service for Andy Nachbaur

I have been trying to compose a fitting tribute to Andy since I heard the news and I find I am at a loss for words. I too never met the man other than on the internet and I'm honored to have had the privilege.

It was apparent that Andy was failing when he posted to the list that he was "fighting with the 4 horseman and am not good for long even at the keyboard". What a way he had with words! Andy's absence from his keyboard was becoming obvious to many and the longer he was silent the more I feared for the worst.

When the sad news finally came it was posted from Andy's own account. I saw the mail header and my spirits jumped as I thought he must be doing better as he's back at his computer again! Then when I read the contents saying he had passed on I thought Andy's pulling our leg, posting his own obituary ala Tom Sawyer. What a jokester! It took a moment before the reality of the situation hit home. I am deeply saddened.

I have been in touch with one of Andy's friends, a self described computer nerd who learned computers with Andy. One of the things that always impressed me about Andy was that a man of his years was so current with computer technology. His Wild Bees Bulletin Board was WAY ahead of its day and when the technology caught up with and passed his BBS, Andy jumped right into the thick of it to update his skills to take advantage of the world wide web. I do not know for sure, but I believe he was self taught.

This friend of Andy's is Joanne Hoefer, owner of the bookstore where Andy told us we could find _50_Years_Among_the_Bees_ (it's not there anymore ;). Joanne has been helping with the arrangements. Some of what she has written to me follows.

> I am emailing all the bee folks I know to get the word out
> so if you would pass it on for me it would help. Andy died
> of pneumonia caused by melanoma that had just run
> rampant in the past three weeks. It happened so fast it was
> a shock to us all.
> Mrs. Brandi of the Bee Brandi's of Los Banos did a hero's
> job of helping him to stay at home and get in-house care.
> Both she and I were with him the last day as well as a
> step-son. I only knew him about 5 years or so - we were
> computer nerds together and we shared the various online
> services between us and of course he did a lot of computer
> consulting out of my store and loved to sit and drink coffee
> and chat with everyone, local and out of towners who
> happened to stop by.
> Andy really enjoyed each of you and your questions, ideas,
> and use of his pages.

I have offered to collect together the many tributes that have been posted on BEE-L and sci.agriculture.beekeeping to Andy and send them to Joanne. These will be available for people to read at Andy's memorial service scheduled for Monday.

> From: Joanne Hoefer
> Subject: Service for ANDY
> Friends are welcome to attend:
> Services for Andy Nachbaur will be held Monday March 29,
> 1999 at 9:30am at St. Joseph's Church on Center street in
> Los Banos, Ca. Center is directly off highway 152. Turn at
> the 4th street light on highway 152 (taco bell on corner)
> and go one block south and turn right and you are at
> church.
> Reception after services will be held at the Harrsions -
> directions given at church. Andy will be buried in family
> plot in Arizona at a later date.

I have been extracting Andy's post from the archives to compile as Faith suggested. He sure had a lot to say! In the process I came across perhaps the best tribute to Andy, written by one Anton J. Nachbar, Jr. Availing myself of the always generous "Permission given to copy the document in any form, or to print for any use", I submit it for your consideration .

Submitted with the highest respect and honor,
Aaron Morris