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Selling cut-comb in vacumm sealed bags?

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I was thinking since I hate buying new rings and covers for ross rounds every year I would use my vacumm sealer to seal and freeze cut comb in different sizes. It worked pretty good except for the beautiful white cappings turn honey color once the air is sucked out and the package compressed. Plus you dont have a serving tray like with rounds-you have to cut the bag and dump the comb onto a plate and cover. What do you think anybody else try this?
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The packaging idea sounds neat at first... but the idea of having to unpackage a sticky shrink wrapped square of honey does NOT sound appealing to me...:) Then the consumer would have to eat it all or find another package for leftovers... I just dont see it taking place of your rounds.
Charge accordingly for your RR's so you don't feel so bad when buying the needed supplies for them. Or just do the normal cut comb and use the plastic containers made for them. You will sell more for a higher price when you have an attractive product that is consumer friendly.
If I where to vacuum pack a square of comb honey in mine it would smash it.
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