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Our club members are allowed to sell honey at the club fair booth. All have standardized club-provided label. All use standardized jars (queenline). Lid choice up to seller. All sellers allowed to bring 24 jars first round. Up to seller if they want to sell in 1 lb or 1/2 lb jar. Regardless of size, only 24 jars can be brought in for first round. If sales go well, a call is sent out to bring in an additional 24 jars for a second and then third round. (very limited storage space.)

Selling price is $11 for one pound and $6 for 1/2 pound jar. Club keeps $1 per jar regardless of size. Rest goes to seller.

A seller of 1/2 jars thinks it is more fair to allow members to bring in a number of jars equal in poundage, so the first round would call for 24 "pounds" and a seller could bring in 24 1 lb jars or 48 1/2 lb jars or a combination totaling 24 lbs. But sellers of only 1 lb jars are put off by the idea arguing members make more and sellers get more if buyers are encouraged to buy a 1 lb jar in lieu of a 1/2 lb jar.

Does your club have a favorite system for selling member honey at an event such as a county fair?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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