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Seeling Pollen - how do you know?

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If I am selling pollen the state Apr. mentioned not collecting it in areas where pesticides are being sprayed.
Seeing the bees will travel out 3 or more miles how are you supposed to know?
The guy down the street could have just sprayed his lawn - where the bees are now getting pollen from his dandelions.

I want to sell a quality product. I also don't want to take a chance of getting someone sick. How do you know?

Also - He mentioned drying it. I thought freezing it was best?

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1. as you are aware, there IS no way to "guarrantee" the purity of pollen. you just be as dilligent as you can, and market it as "natural" and "unprocessed".
2.freezing will dry it- the mosture(most) will appear as a frost or rhime that you shake off. how dry you get it depends on how many freeze cycles you use. most freeze to sterilize, not dry, though.
3.there is a big difference in the effective toxicity of "pesticdes" and "herbicides" the later of which is most likely sprayed on dandylions.
good luck,mike
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