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Over the last 5 years I've worked full time as a commercial beekeeper and recently started a small avocado pollination business of my own on the side. During my time working with the bees I've gained an understanding of the critical role bees and beekeepers play in supporting modern agriculture as well as the threats facing the industry. While I really enjoy working with bees in a commercial context, I would ultimately like to transition into the research side of the field in order to make a greater contribution to solving the challenges faced by the industry.

I'm currrently looking for information on Ph.D. programs and other avenues of entering research. I'll be in the states most of June/July and have made arrangements to visit a couple Universities as well as attending the Pollinator Conference at PSU
What I'm seeking here is anyone who is/was involved in the research sector of the industry who is willing to share their thoughts and experiences. I'd be interested in volunteering to help with ongoing projects in exchange for a chance to learn more about the nature of apicultural research. Any thoughts or contacts you might have are greatly appreciated.


Dan Wyns


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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