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Seeking advice for prepping for a split, with un-drawn foundation-less frames

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Tomorrow will be my first real inspection of the year. We have flowers out and I have seen the girls flying from my 1 hive. I did put a pollen patty on about a month ago, I just did not have weather temperature ect line up until now. There are also reports of early swarms in the area.

My goal is to split the hive this year, I have prepared a new hive with all foundation-less equipment. So my plan is to add a 3rd deep tomorrow and insert 10 to 12 new frames throughout the 3 deeps. Then in 2 weeks I will do a walkaway split intermixing the last of the frames. I have been told may 1-15 is the best for splits in this area. I will not be able to do anything for a large portion of the middle of may.

I would like any advice in this situation. Obviously if the hive is really weak tomorrow, the plan will have to change; but I feel it important to get some additional comb drawn.
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Bees work with gravity,keep that in mind.If it an existing hive it has to be level side to side or you will have difficulties.I myself just make my my split and incorporate the new frames,but I'm 100% foundationless and build my own frames.Again be sure any hive you use foundatinless frames in are level side to side
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