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Second year start's a new...check out the gift the girls left for me.

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Picture on new hives gift too me, due to space left from baggie feeder and myself not putting the inner cover on right..

This is my second year bee keeping lost my first hive over winter, have goten a #3 pd package and also another hive set in place ready for bee's (just got to find me some) I am hopeful and will keep learning as i go trying to due better as a bee keeper.
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My guess is you have a feeder in the upper box or you have your frames not tight together in the center...
Your right Michael I had a baggie feeder in place for a few days. I removed and just left a half protein patty on top of the frames. I plan on taking the comb and putting it in a frame putting it back in the hive and letting them build away. Any suggestions on how to adhere it to a frame so it stays put?
Rubber bands. I looked but could not find the picture of the procedure for you. Maybe someone else a bit more skillful can find it for you. But banding comb into an empty frame is not complicated and it does work!


I'm curious as to what made that wax so yellow. Sure is pretty. I was under the influence that fresh wax is white and it's pollen that colors it.
I was under the influence ....
One should never imbibe and beekeep at the same time. :)
I have no ideal beesohappy, I was wondering too will have to do some research.
I left out a frame, and thought I had plenty of time to get it back in.

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I left out a frame, and thought I had plenty of time to get it back in.

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HAHAHA! Beautiful. I thought they would build out from the other combs, not down from the top.
Firfly, when you put the Wax in the frames, make sure that the TOP of the Wax is at the top in the frame with the slant in the cell's pointing UP like it was originally.
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