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Second brood box full of capped honey ??

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In early April I caught a swarm from one of my hives. I placed them in a large hive body on fresh beeswax foundation. They drew all nine frames out beatuifully in about 3 weeks. I was really busy with work and was not able to put my second hive body (medium super)on until the end of May. I inspected the hive two weeks later and was shocked to see that the foundation had been drawn out completly and that there was liquid in the cells. There were no eggs in the cells and the frames were extra heavy. I've been checking on the hive once a week since the beginning of June. The liquid I've been seeing is honey and the bees have capped all the frames of this beautiful golden honey.
I've never heard of bees filling the second brood box with honey! This is a very strong hive. They are always working and pretty agressive. The botttom hive body is full of capped brood.

My mentor has never heard of a new colony drawing out their foundation, filling and capping with honey in such a short time (in south central Okla).

My mentor suggested I take the super filled with honey off and put another medium super on top of my hive body. He then suggested I put the full honey super back on the hive, on top of the empty hive body.

Any suggestions or comments would greatly be appreciated.
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lots of beekeeps rob after the spring flow and fed'em sugar syrup in the dearth/fall on the premise that honey is more valuable than sugar water.
good luck,mike
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