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Are folks in SE Texas experiencing good flows yet. I know we are alittle dry, but it seems there is a lot of stuff blooming. Here is my question

I am a newbie and for better or worst, believe most of what I read. So I have 5 hives behind the house and another at a friend's house. That hive is about 3600 feet according to google earth from my hives. Mine either are struggling to gather enough nectar to store any honey or the bees at his house just work harder. They are storing away some honey and I only have honey appearing in one hive (some in another but it is getting syrup).

From what I have read bee can forage up to 3 miles away. His hive does have more close sources of nectar but would there be that much differences in nectar source between hives this close. :scratch:

I am beginning to wonder if my house is not in a poor pollen/nectar producing location. It will have plenty of tallow production in another month or two but early on I was hoping for more production.
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