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I have two colonies, one an established two deep colony, the other a new package this spring. I live in a small town and have had the established colony in my back yard for about a year. The new package I put in a good spot just on the outskirts of town which is about 1/2 mile away from my house.

The established colony has gotten a bit too aggressive to have in a backyard and so I decided to move the established colony to the same location as the new package colony. I made the move about midnight last night and placed some leafy branches directly in front of the entrance having read that this will make the bees reorient themselves when the emerge.

Now this morning I had 40-50 bees confusedly cruising around my backyard and the previous location of the hive. I contacted a local beek, who suggested I put a box and a frame in the spot where the hive previously was, then this evening take all the bees which have gathered on the frame back to their regular hive and shake them in the top. Now, about noon I'd say I have around a thousand or so bees in and around this box. I obviously failed on this move. Any suggestions on making this situation better?

Should I move the established colony 4-5 miles away tonight so they don't come back to my house looking for their hive again tomorrow?
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