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I'm getting ready to install a Nuc in my first hive and I'm wondering if
I should cover the ventilation hole with screen to keep the bees out of the
medium box that is going to cover the feeder? Thanks

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I would cover the hole with #8 wire
I tried to make the pictures smaller... I think this is smaller than 640 X 480 ??? just turned :scratch:

I'm not sure what #8 wire is going to do? Is this some type of screen?

You don't need to cover the hole. My bees like to hang out on top of the inner cover. I actually just put the feeder bucket or jar right over the oblong hole on a couple of sticks to raise the feeder up. Bees will roam around up there, but they don't hurt anything.

I suppose you could put window screen on the hole if you don't want to see bees when you take the cover off.
Yes #8 hardware cloth is a type of screen. It is 1/8" squares, or 8 squares per inch. It is too small for a honey bee to get through.
They will ship it to your home for about 20.00 including shipping, well at least thats whatthey charge here? I agree with beedeetee, you dont have to cover it but its nice when refilling, I cover the inside of the hole and sit my jar lid right on it too. Either way works :)
I wouldn't bother to screen it. Let the bees go where they like. I use gallon cans, propped up over the oval hole. The bees take it from there.
I also wouldn't bother to screen it but if you really want to and that's all the screening you intend to do, I'd pick up some window screen at the local hardware store. You might have to replace it a few times because they will tend to goo it up, but it'll be a whole lot cheaper then $20. But if you're going to make screened bottom boards or something elso too, then invest in the #8 cloth. I use window screening over the top of my top feeder when I move nucs into ten frame equipment. I can refill the feeder without having to worry about putting on gear.
The vote seems about 3 to 1 for not covering/screening the hole.

Having the inner cover under the feeder seems to work very well to prevent the bees from building comb under the outer cover in most cases. With your feeder off to the side and the oval hole open, just see how they react with this set-up when you refill. It should be OK.
I have my pail feeder ovetr the oblong hole, raised up to give them access to the box. I also have an entrance cut into the edge of the cover to use as a top entrance. The bees are in and out all the time. Some just hang out in the box,it is also the only place where they have NOT built burr comb!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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