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Scrap lumber Langstroth Long

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Going into my second year at beekeeping, I've got 3 ten frame standard Langsrtoth's, and two 8 frame Langstroth hives... but I've got a bunch of old 8 frame brood boxes that I'm not using yet. So I decided to use some scrap lumber and plywood and cannibalize a few 8 frame boxes to build a Langstroth long hive... it looks like a train wreck, but it's solid and I think it will work... It holds 29 deep Langstroth frames.

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Nice looking hive. Have you added bees yet? Keep us updated on your progress. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you! no bees yet... we just had 7" of snow last week, so the weather is still very sporadic. Soon tho'! I'll keep you posted!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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