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Schemes that only partially work.

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It is probably pouring water in leaky buckets but I decided to boost the weakest colonies in a location by putting bee escapes on them and piling all the supers off the other colonies on the weak so they would benefit from the population of house bees in the supers. Problem is that bright and early on this cool morning I went out to pull these supers and found that the supers had not cleared but I found ranks of rattling bees showing me stingers! I checked several, all the same. It occurs to me that they did not clear the supers because the nest below is not there own! I have done this previously with only an excluder in between with no evidence of mass warfare. Anyone else have a similar experience or try this?
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The problem was a couple of my triangle bee escapes plugged and the bees could not go down. The ones that could clear did. There is seldom trouble swapping supers around that are all from above excluders. How do the bee escapes with multiple cone escapes work? I have a lot of carnolian in my stock and they are still carrying drones.
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